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Service Terms | 服务条款

Service Terms & Conditions | 数字营销服务条款与条件

Digital assets and their ownership

The digital assets created within a client’s Google Ads or social media account belong to the client. We will never take ownership of the digital assets we’ve created on the client’s own online platforms. 

Please note that landing pages created by Meow Media is a 3rd party hosting rental service and a monthly rental fee applies. If the client cancels the landing page service, content on the page will be unpublished too in order to avoid any further costs incurred from the hosting system we use.


Service disruptions

In a rare event of system downtime or malfunction, which is caused by a third party platform we use to perform the service, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, WeChat or the landing page hosting system we use, we will notify the client immediately after we identified the disruption. We will endeavour to resolve the disruption or find a workaround solution as soon as possible within our power. However, please understand that third party platforms are outside our control and we cannot be responsible for the disruptions occurred.


Service cancellation & refund

Changes made to the direct debit placed on a client’s credit card may take up to 3 working days to take effect, since the date they requested the modification. The modification includes change of service subscription or cancellation of service. We recommend our clients to advise us any changes to their existing service subscription at least 3 working days prior to the date they want the modifications to be made.  We don’t refund any service payment that has already been paid to us, including but not limited to one-off setup service payments and recurring service payments. 


Personal information collected by Meow Media

We collect personal information from our clients mainly to enable the service, as well as tailor future product offerings for our clients and potential clients. To view our complete Privacy Policy, please click here. If anyone no longer wants to hear from us for any future marketing communications, please contact us by [email protected] 


Business information collected by Meow Media – Case studies 

From time to time, we create case studies for selected client campaigns.  We will always ask for our client’s consent, if we were to associate their business name with the case study.  If at any stage they no longer want the case study to be made available to the public, they can contact us by [email protected]


Business information collected by Meow Media – Public information

Unless requested otherwise by the client, we might mention their public information, such as brand name or website, in our marketing collateral and business development activities.  


Reserved rights by Meow Media

We reserve the rights to pause or terminate our client services. We also reserve the right to reject services for a prospect. Meow Media is a client-centred agency and we aim to achieve 100% client satisfaction in our practice. Therefore, we will only utilise this right of service refusal out of reasonable grounds and absolute necessity. 


Disclaimer & Indemnity

Meow Media is not liable for the business profit or loss of our clients. We will work diligently to reach the campaign goals for our clients within our service scope and given budget.  

We are also not liable for the nature of our clients’ product, service or promotions. However, we will take necessary measures to assess if the client’s offer is appropriate for the target market.

In an unlikely event of system downtime or malfunction, which is caused by a third party platform outside our ownership or control, we are not liable for the business impact caused by these disruptions.

You agree to indemnify and hold Meow Media, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, owners, directors, officers, employees, agents, service providers, and suppliers harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of our services, your violation of the Service Terms, your breach of any of the representations and warranties herein, or your violation of any third party rights.

By accepting our service proposal and authorising a payment method to commence service with Meow Media, you agree to the Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page. 



需要注意的是,妙传媒的着陆页(Landing Page)服务是一项使用第三方系统的租赁型服务,由客户每月支付租赁费来使用该系统。如果客户取消着陆页服务,页面上的内容也将停止发布,这样才不会对我们使用的第三方系统继续产生费用。



在非常罕见的情况下,我们用来执行服务的数字平台 (例如谷歌广告平台,Facebook平台,微信平台或着陆页平台等) 会发生系统停机或故障。如果此类情况发生,我们会立即通知客户。我们将努力在我们力所能及的范围内尽快解决此故障或找到解决方法。但是,请理解这些数字平台的所有权不在我们这里,我们不能为这些平台故障而引起的任何损失负责。






我们从客户那里收集到的个人信息,主要是为了提供恰当服务以及为他们量身定制未来的产品。要查看我们完整的隐私政策,请单击此处。如果在将来不希望收到我们的任何营销资讯,请通过[email protected]与我们联系。


妙传媒收集的商业信息 – 客户案例

我们会不时为选定的客户创建案例研究。如果我们要将客户的公司名称与案例研究相关联,我们必定会事先征得客户的同意。如果客户不希望将案例研究向公众公开,请通过[email protected]与我们联系。


妙传媒收集的商业信息 – 公共信息




我们保留暂停或终止现有客户服务的权利。我们也保留拒绝为潜在客户提供服务的权利。 妙传媒以客户为中心,我们的目标是100%客户满意。因此,我们只会出于必要的理由而酌情使用此权利。






您同意向Meow Media,其母公司,供应商,关联企业,继任者,受让人,所有者,董事,高级职员,雇员,代理商,服务提供商和供应商作出赔偿,并使之免受任何索偿或要求,包括合理的律师费和法院费用,以及任何第三方由于您使用我们的服务,违反本服务条款,或违反任何第三方权利而产生或引起的索赔事宜。

接受我们的服务介绍与报价文件(Service Proposal),并授权支付方式给妙传媒开启服务,即表示您同意本页提及的条款和条件。


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